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"Imagine being in the right place at the right time easily and consistently in all aspects of your life..."

Synchronicity means “meaningful coincidence.” It is when things line up for you in a way that brings meaning to life events.

Synchronicity, Coincidence, luck... call it what you will, but being in the right place at the right time can make all the difference in your life.

You’ve seen people that have an uncanny knack for mastering any situation, always seeming to be the “lucky” person that everything goes right for.

If you are like most people, you have your ups and downs from day to day. I’m sure you’ve experienced moments of synchronicity where you felt there was an order beyond what we think of as reality that was guiding the moment. At other times I’m sure you’ve faced the question, “What’s the use?”

Life sometimes feels like a long process of wandering. Unclear about your life purpose, unable to predict the outcome of decisions, you may find yourself frustrated and wanting for more. But beneath a veil, just outside of our normal perception, there exists a communications system. This system has always been there, but we fail to perceive it. Over time I have pieced together a working system utilizing the archetypes, number synchronicity, totems or power animals, dreams and other metaphors that occur in our personal lives that takes the launching point of Carl Gustav Jung's model of synchronicity and creates a practical spirituality.

In the moments that you experience synchronicity, you catch of glimpse of this system. This is God or the Universe sending you messages that lead you to your proper path and purpose in life. If you learn to decode these messages the meaning of your life will become apparent and if you follow your destiny you will find your life fulfilling and meaningful. Yes, the Universe has plans for you!

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A great primer on how to both encourage and utilize synchronicity in your life can be found in my Decoding Life's Secret Messages course. You'll learn the basics of my view on synchronicity and how it interacts with your purpose, how to begin learning the language of metaphors both personal and collective, and how to specifically understand the metaphorical messages in power animals, numbers, dreams and the people you encounter.




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