Now Bringing You The Culmination Of 30 Years Of Study And Direct Spiritual Experience Wrapped Into An 8 Week, Life Changing Teleseminar...

"What If You Could Master A Force More Powerful Than The Law Of Attraction?"

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Right Now Only for Readers of Synchronicity In Your Life and a few carefully chosen guests, You can learn to combine the awesome powers of synchronicity and intuition to gain incredible power...

What I'm about to tell you, may change the way you see life FOREVER...

Because we are now living in the Age of Aquarius and we already see millions of people turning their attention to things like the Law of Attraction and other spiritual paradigms it's time to teach you..

How To Be In The Right Place At The Right Time, ALL THE TIME...

Now before I tell you about this telecourse and with your permission, I'd like to share something pretty "eye-opening" with you and maybe even contrary to what you've been taught or what you currently believe.

What I'm going to teach you about is "how" to see the world and your place in it dramatically differently.

But first you should really...

Clear Your Head, Open Your Mind and Forget Everything You've Ever Learned About The Meaning of Life...

This is not a joke!

When I was in my twenties, I would start building a life for myself, getting a girlfriend, a car and a job and 6 times I lost all 3 within a 2 week period. I got so fed up with always losing that I finally gave up and quit.

I was so depressed that I used to put a shotgun in my mouth as a morning meditation.

How's that for on the edge of hope?

So there I was, lonely, broke and walking (or at best driving a beaten up used car).

But despite all the problems I had a suspicion...

Ever since I was a little kid, I dreampt about living a much bigger life. I felt like I was born for a purpose, that God had plans for me.

My life was on a downward spiral and I had no idea how I would turn it around but I felt in my heart that someday I would get a message that would change my life into the adventure I thought it should be.

Then That Life Changing Day Came...

One morning I woke up to an audible voice in my room that said, "Pack your bags, you're leaving for Dallas."

I immediately thought I'd finally lost my mind...

I called my Mom and told her I needed to talk, thinking she'd have me checked in by noon.

When she told me she thought I should go I was like "Holy Cow!"

Here I was talking about moving 1/2 way across the country, with just $176 to my name in an old Pontiac Ventura I wasn't sure would get me to the edge of town.

From That Day On I Was On A Mission....

I decided I had gotten that message I always believed I would, and it was now guiding my destiny...

Six months later I was married, expecting a child, building a house and creating a solid career!

Every time I had a doubt about the magnitude of what was happening, another sign would appear, encouraging me to press forward...

Once my life changed and I settled down into my new home, I started thinking a lot about what had happened and what led up to it..

I was shocked to discover patterns emerging, looking back over my past I started seeing how everything I had done up till then had led me right to this point!

After Many Months Of Putting All Of This Together With What I Knew About The Many Doctrines Of The World...

I Figured It Out...

I realized that I had been spared from cancer, bankruptcy and a life on the edge so that I could teach people how to turn their lives around as well.

But don't get me wrong, life wasn't all smooth sailing for me, even at that point. While I'd developed a terrific and lucrative career in advertising, I was working 60-80 hours a week on a salary. I started calculating how much I was actually making an hour and it was a little more than disappointing.

What compounded my frustration was that I had to do my own billing and it didn't take a mathematical genius to figure out I was paying for my yearly salary in one month of work.

I decided to start a business on the side and grow it so that I could spend more time at home with my family and eventually spare myself the irritation of commuting to a job that was making someone else wealthy.

Starting a business wasn't new for me, but starting a successful business was. Fortunately, I didn't just jump off the pier. While I had my bills covered I started graduating up the learning curve, and at each step, I was being guided to learn something new.

How do I know this wasn't just common sense? Each time this happened, I'd go out on the patio in my backyard. Each time I did, a shooting star would blaze across the sky. This happened to me dozens of times.

It wasn't happening at light speed, but it was steady and getting better all the time. When I started getting rightfully concerned about my "day job" with a change in management happening, I once again saw the signals coming from the universe that everything would be ok.

I got laid off from my job, something that tends to really freak most people out, but within a month I was fully booked with clients and working from home. This time the wealth was going in the RIGHT direction! Best of all I was earning my living from home doing what I love to do best, Help People.

I've since had more challenge come up, but I've learned from my experiences that I don't need to worry about what appears to be a whirlwind of problems. Each time, by applying what I've learned, I slip through the midst of these "challenges" and emerge the "Hero" unscathed and smelling like a rose on the other side!

And That Was The Beginning Of Becoming The Synchronicity Expert...

So now you've gotten a good slice of my life, how does all of this mean anything at all to you?

Hey, it's a fair question. Bottom line, I've figured out that living life is all about 4 possible conditions and how they reflect on your life.

Everything in life is either, right thing/wrong time, wrong thing/right time, wrong thing/wrong time or RIGHT THING/RIGHT TIME!

Seems pretty simple doesn't it? The fact is, IT IS SIMPLE, but it isn't easy to understand how to influence the world around you to hand out the RIGHT THING/RIGHT TIME consistently. If it were, we'd all be buff millionaires in love right?

What I Did Was I Combined The Most Powerful And Useful Information From Multiple Doctrines Into A Unique Way Of Not Only Seeing The World But Also Of How To Take That Sight And Make Consistent Correct Choices To Take The High Road Through Life!

You see, the weather man can look at air currents and other conditions and tell you what to expect your weather to be for the next few days right?

What I do is look at elements in my environment, common things like numbers, animals that cross my path, the dreams I have and I interpret their meanings to assist me in navigating through my life, making choices that lead me to the RIGHT THING/RIGHT TIME scenario again and again.

Imagine Having A Gold Phone To Talk With The Master Of The Universe...

People say miracles don't happen anymore. We've read some incredible stories in the world's religious texts...all doctrines tell tales of incredible feats happening. When is the last time you saw an ocean part? How about a talking, burning bush?

See these things don't happen very often because if they did, we would lose a little something called free will.

Let's face it, if you had an experience where the clouds parted and you got a command, you'd probably follow that command right?

I'm not saying something like this can't or even won't happen to you. But I can tell you that we are far less connected with the higher intelligence that we think we are.

We get an almost constant communication coming in, but we most often ignore it, or quite simply don't recognize it. I can help you change that!

Learning How To Decode Life's Secret Messages To Harness The Power Of Synchronicity And Your Own Intuition Can Literally Create Your Dream Life!


Exploring your past and seeing evidence of intervention!
Learning that all of your prior "bad" experiences were leading you to something wonderful!
Gaining a grasp of a secret language that parts the veil and exposes a higher reality.
Learning how to go "with the grain" of your purpose so you don't struggle through life.
Waking up to the fact that animals around you are bringing you messages that help you.
Mastering dream interpretation so that you can get a glimpse of the future and understand where you are in your personal development at any time!
Seeing numbers that repeat around you suggesting which "mode" your path is on in the moment!
Finally coming to an understanding that no matter what is happening your are always safe and NEVER ALONE!
Getting an unfair advantage that allows you to use manifesting in a far more dynamic and successful way.

Secret: The Law Of Attraction Doesn't Always Work!

Everyone has heard about "The Secret" and many people are downright frustrated and even angry as they try so hard to attract what they want and fail.

Is this because the Law of Attraction doesn't work? NO, manifesting does work and it works extremely well but guess what? You don't live in a vaccuum. This isn't one big candy store made just for you. You have a destiny, and you can manifest what you want all day long as long as it's in alignment with your destiny.

The problem becomes when you try to navigate off of your path. Then you're not failing because you didn't get it right, you're failing because you are literally trying to overcome the inertia of the whole universe!

Trust me when I say, if you are meant to fly around like an eagle to get a task accomplished that was destined for you, you'll one day find yourself able to do it. If not, you'll fall like Icarus too close to the sun.

Don't get upset with me for saying it. There IS another way. You have a mission, but it isn't a 24/7/365 obligation. As long as you are flowing with your path, you are free to acquire a great many things and as long as there is no conflict, you can manifest it easier than you think.

We are meant to have abundance. This life is supposed to be fun. But we aren't children. We all know that there is time for fun, and there is time for work. The quicker we get that work done, the sooner we get to play. It takes a long time to get it done if you don't know what you're supposed to be doing.

The Key Is You Have To Know What Your Mission Is So You Can Flow With It. Simple Right?

Can you imagine?...If you ask's perfectly sensible to go with the flow rather than fight against it. Sure, you have free will, you can blow off your mission and do whatever you want, but that doesn't mean the universe is going to lay down and hand you your demands without a hitch.

What if you did find your mission and flowed with it, and then found the universe rolling out the red carpet for you? This is what CAN HAPPEN.

I Want You To Live The Good Life Too!

I believe you deserve to live your dream life... You deserve to never worry about money, relationships, health...

You deserve to buy that car you've always dreamed of, and to live in the house your never thought you'd be able to afford. You deserve to love and be loved completely in an absolutely fulfilling way. Just the very fact that you are reading this sentence tells me you want these things.

Let Me Tell You...

If I can do it, you can too...

I took the road less traveled. I endured loss of family and friends, failed relationship, cancer and bankruptcy. I waded through 30 years of studying what's out there, trying all sorts of strange techniques and sifting through all of the spiritual knowledge and wisdom I could get my hands don't have to spend that long.

You Just Have To Learn How To Attract And Apply Synchronicity For Yourself...

The only way you can succeed at anything in life is to believe in it. Is there anything you've ever gained in life that you previously thought would be impossible? Was it the moment you stopped thinking it was impossible that you found it wasn't?

When you were a kid, before you learned to ride your bike, I bet bike ride seemed like something that would be impossible. But you kept trying...You would crash a lot but you never gave up, and today you can ride a bike without even thinking about it.

Learning to attract and apply synchronicity is the same thing. You may fall down a couple of times in the process, but as long as you keep trying and never give up, you will do it.

Synchronicity isn't a skill you learn though. Just like gravity, it's a law. But like gravity, we can learn to influence it, harness it, and use it to our advantage.

And with my help, you will be able to avoid failing and learn how to use it much faster...

You see... I've been where you are right now. Just 10 years ago, I was still trying to figure out a way I could make sense of the world and my place in it.

I failed several times... I lost everything...but I never gave up. Today, I'm a happy, fulfilled and successful person because of it.

Imagine If You Knew What I Know?

What if you knew exactly what works and what doesn't so you can avoid making costly mistakes and become successful in your life much quicker?

What If I Can Truly Help You Succeed?

How would your life be then?

Just think about it for a second...Imagine...Your doing exactly what you're meant to be doing...being able to wake up each day excited about your life...being able to attract the right people in your life, the bosses, lovers, friends, in the right place at the right time for the best opportunities to be handed to you.

If I'm right, then all of these things can come true in your life!

I Created An 8 Week Downloadable Course That Will Reveal My Secrets Of Understanding Life's Secret Messages For You.

I put together my secrets for learning to interpret dreams, numbers and animals and attracting synchronicity in a way you can not only learn but UNDERSTAND!

Now, this is my life's work. This isn't some cheesy product I slammed together, nor even a book I've worked on for a year. This is 30 years of life experience working with spiritual principles from the four corners both with masters of the various disciplines and through pioneering solitary research...

I could easily charge $1500-3000 for this course and it would be worth every cent. The information itself is priceless because of how seriously it can transform your life if you apply it.

But because the subject of Synchronicity is something I feel is so important, I decided to give it to you in downloadable for from my original live pilot program for $397.00. See I want you to be able to reach this pinnacle. I want you to be able to learn how to change your life, in a way that doesn't require your reliance on "gurus" and other expensive courses.

This course is like buying a GPS system for your life. With it, you'll begin to:

Connect with the essence of who you are. The "you" who knows no bounds, limits, or restrictions.
Connect with the higher intelligence outside of yourself!
Create a custom made roadmap leading to the life you were born to live.
Learning how to go "with the grain" of your purpose so you don't struggle through life.
Find a framework to communicate with the Universe that will assist you in reaching your own power.
Tap into ancient knowledge and future vision for healing of the self and the planet, some of this will make a bigger difference than you can imagine in just a few more years.
Discover ways to bring peace and healing into your life. Become an oak in the storm, unshakeable.

When You Register For This Course You'll Get:

The Entire Course Recorded So You Can Refer Back To It Whenever Needed

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Look, 60 days from now you can be nothing more than a couple of months older, or you can be experiencing amazing synchronicity, intense intuition and crystal clear understanding that the wisest mystics on the planet know, as the methods you learn in Decoding Life's Secret Messages open your eyes to a vastly different experience of your reality.

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